Robert Glasper Experiment Shares A Common Freestyle From ‘Black Radio 2′

As if we can't get enough of Robert Glasper and his musical genius, today he's gifted us with an outtake from Robert Glasper Experiment's Black Radio 2. This moment was captured in the studio during the recording of "I Stand Alone," which features Com and Patrick Stump. Here Common improvises over the Experiment playing in the background, staying true to his conscious persona. His freestyle starts with the topic of divine sunshine and God and moves on to his travels, stars and realness. The habitual freestyler also gives his faithful shout outs to Chicago and his trademark "C to the O, the double M-O-N" line as he continues to lace the track with his relaxed poetry. Common rocks steady as Glasper's piano skills work perfectly alongside his delivery. The music and freestyle shine equally. Get cozy while wrapping the last of your gifts as you listen to this one from Common and the Robert Glasper Experiment.

After the bounce

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