Kesington Kross Wants ‘Your Love’

Kesington Gimme Still

Kesington Kross might have only crossed our radar just recently with his Audio Justice EP, but we're pretty sure he has the talent to stay there. In fact, you can look no further than his single "Gimme Your Love" for proof of his staying power. The infectious '80s throwback had us at the first hit of synth and kept us coming back thanks to KES' super smooth vocal. For the track's video, the up-and-coming singer aims for a futuristic noir flair as he weaves a tale of cyborgs, love and murder on the neon streets of a futuristic city that could fit in the world of current television show Almost Human. But though his vision is set in the future, KES' anchoring of the song in the past serves as the perfect counterpoint for the the clip's grittiness. Although the video ends with the dreaded "to be continued..." that rarely gets followed up in the music video world, something tells us that folks will be coming back to witness the rest of this tale. You can pick up "Gimme Your Love" from iTunes now and witness KES in action in the song's video right here.