Enjoy The Warm Visuals Of DAWN’s ‘Cali Sun’

Photo Credit: Rob Daily

Photo Credit: Rob Daily

According to a recent Rolling Stone interview, DΔWN’s friends and family thought the artist was overambitious to try to create a trilogy of albums. However, it is this ambition, along with a lot of blood, sweat, tears and hard work, that has transformed DΔWN from “that girl who used to be in that group” into That Chick who’s changing the game. With each release the artist has grown, pushing herself and her art to new heights. On her forthcoming album, RED*emp*tion, the former Bad Boy recording artist has reached an apex in both sound and sight with next level productions, including a 3D video for "Not Above That," a “fashion film” for "Wake Up" and her latest creation, a music visualization for “Cali Sun.”

Inspired by the iTunes music visualizers, DΔWN decided to collaborate with creative director Rob Coin on a slick clip that looks like a cutscene from an old Playstation game. The visualization opens with the sun overtaking the moon. A hand emerges from the sun with a prism and life springs forward, beginning anew. The track itself is a stutter-stepping thumper reminiscent of Afro-Caribbean riddims, perfect music for letting your blues melt away and embracing your true strength.

DΔWN is definitely living and thriving in her own world. Her recent experimentations with video are ahead of everyone and everything else. However, while her head is in the clouds, she still manages to stay down to Earth. DΔWN keeps it trippy, she keeps it hippy, she keeps it funky and somehow always seems to keep it real.

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