Commenting Code

Almost every site has commenting guidelines, and as visitors it is our responsibility to determine the climate of a site before contributing feedback. Since there has been a considerable amount of confusion as to what is allowed and what isn't, we've decided to outline our guidelines with an official code. This code is non-negotiable and subject to change at any time without warning.

By leaving a comment on this website, I agree to adhere to the following:

  • I understand that my role as a commenter is to uphold the discourse with a healthy exchange of ideas, constructive criticism, or respectful disagreement. 
  • I will not interpret any remarks left by the administrators of this website or other commenters as personal.
  • I will not engage in hate speech (racism, homophobia, misogyny, etc.) in reference to any artist, other commenters, or the administrators of this website.
  • I will not leave condescending, insulting, threatening or hostile remarks to other commenters or the administrators of this website.
  • I understand that excessive use of profanity will be moderated.
  • NEW: I understand that my purpose is not to issue directives, write policy or otherwise tell the administrators of this website what to do.
  • NEW: I understand that comments are meant to add to the discussion. I will make an effort to read the content of an entry in full before commenting on it, as well as reading previous feedback to make sure someone didn't already make my point. 
  • I will stay on topic and refrain from leaving comments that are self-promotional in nature.
  • I understand that any complaints or concerns about this website are to be sent to and not left in the commenting form.
  • I will not address other commenters that fail to adhere to these guidelines and will wait for the administrators of this website to take action.
  • I understand that failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in my comment being edited or deleted. In addition, I understand that repeated failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in permanent suppression of my ability to leave feedback.

Updated 4/1/09

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