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Please do not abuse our email address by including us in distribution lists we did not sign up for (especially if you haven't mastered the art of "BCC") or by sending us self-promotional or off-topic materials that are not in tandem with the general focus of our site. This could result in your email address being permanently filtered out of our inbox. If you have other burning questions, you might find your answer here.

Send official requests (press releases, tips, suggestions) or administrative questions (advertising inquiries, site bugs, etc.) to

A few brief notes on contacting SoulBounce if you are part of a PR team. We love:

  • MP3s or music streams
  • Full albums (preferably in advance of commercial release but no later than the week of).
  • Exclusive/insider information.
  • Official press releases.
  • Invitations, tickets to events and press creds.
  • Things that you aren't sending to other sites.
  • Also, be ready accept interview requests.

If this is your first introduction of the artist, it is imperative that your email include at a minimum [1] an official write-up, [2] links to the artist's online destination (Official website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and [3] music in MP3 format (or a means to download or stream the MP3). High resolution promo shots of the artist are also important, but don't need to be included if they are already posted online. We reserve the right to produce content about your artist as our will dictates.

For more information on submissions, click here.