Broken Glass. Everywhere. You Think Amy Cares?

Stop worrying about the beehive for like five seconds and direct your attention downward.

We realize Amy Winehouse is going through lots of stuff right now, but one thing that's always dogged this SoulBounce editor are those darn house shoes/ballerina slippers she's seen out wearing in every photo. Why not Jordans or Manolos? Does she wear them to keep her balance? To stay more "grounded" and "down to earth"? Also, how quickly do they get dirty and does she have an unlimited lifetime supply of them?

Everyone has their trademark, Madonna's pointy bra and MJ's glove, por exemple. But why would Amy choose such a pedestrian, domestic, throwaway accessory to constantly be seen in?

That's so not diva. So not Soul-Fashioned. Help us out with this one.

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2 Responses

  1. I think she probably has a big Kleenex-type box full of 'em, where she can pull them out a pair at a time. Her feet probably look like fried scrapple when she peels them damn shoes off though.

  2. Shouldn't we all be more interested in why she's wearing the same *pants* in every one of those photos?


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