Morning Soul: Centipede (It. Just. Felt. Right.)

  • NY Mag doesn't want candid photos of Sade, would rather talk about "Trapped in the Closet Pt. 4,481". [Vulture]
  • Photo spread for Jill and Janet's Why Did I Get Married? [Urban-Hoopla]
  • This coming Sunday, Mos Def, Kweli and dead prez unite for 'Black August' in Times Square. (If you happen to pass through, report back to us. k'thnx.) [MXGM]
  • Eric Roberson knows we're reading. (vote for him.) [Erro]
  • Not to be outdone by Ice-T, Cornel West calls his new album "danceable education". Get down, get learny! [Sun-Sentinal]

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