Maxwell vs. Alicia Keys: “No One”


It's the imaginary Battle Royale. Welcome to the first installment of SoulBounce's "Battle of the Beats", in which we'll take a new track and weigh it against an existing one that it shares some arbitrary connection to.

Today, we have one of my favorite tracks from Maxwell's Now, entitled "Noone" versus Alicia Keys' newest joint "No One."

There's totally a theme here.

So which one do you think registers more, thematically and aurally? The subdued yet upbeat Maxwell groove or Alicia's earnest, soft rock-influenced latest? Vote in the comments. Yes, I know you love them both, but just for fun, humor me.

Maxwell: "Noone"

Alicia Keys: "No One"

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12 Responses

  1. I vote Maxwell. I am not feeling Alicia's new single at all. She sounds like she's straining her voice and it's painful to hear.

  2. I've never been terribly impressed with Alicia's voice. but she *is* a great musician and songwriter (and is easy on the eyes).
    However, Maxwell's "Noone" is no great treasure either. Sounds like he's trying too hard to be vintage Prince.
    A draw?

  3. I'm gonna have to tip my hat to Maxwell's "Noone" here. That was one of my faves off Now as well. I hated that he never released it as a single. I already had a video in my head an everything. LOL

  4. Alicia Keys song is the bomb. I'm so in love with it. Maxwell song sounds just like his previous songs

  5. U TOO BUTTA!!?!?! girl i thought i was crazy when it comes to songs i love, i think of how great the video would be..then they either dont make it a single or when they do the video looks like something my kid brother made with a sony handheld...but gonna jump on the bandwagon and side with maxwell..altho this is something new for alicia and it sounds great, it had to GROW on me, and i think thats just because i love alicia so much that i WANTED it to...but maxwell's was an instant love of mine

  6. This is hard. Maxwell's "No One" is one of only maybe 3 songs I liked off of "NOW". LOVE the song.Hated the cd. lol. He caved to folks dislike of "Embrya" and love of "Urban Hangsuite" and made a luke warm sequal to it.
    And I love Alicia's new single. She killed it at the MTV awards. Rhythmic makes a good point in the fact that Maxwell's was an instant love. However I liked Alicia's song the minute I heard it live and with me and Alicia that's rare.
    Gotta go with J. Brotherlove and say Draw.

  7. sigh Alicia hands down

  8. I have to go with Maxwell! That Alcia Keys song does nothing for me.

  9. I think it is unfair to pit the two songs against each other. Even though Alicia is very talented & celebrated, Maxwell is often regarded with the adoration of someone like...Marvin Gaye.
    I knew what the outcome of this would be before it finished.
    SO! I choose both, because I liek both very much & they each have something special that make them contemporary urban classics.

  10. I am going to have to go with the Alicia Keys song it is my favorite song.

  11. Will you post the mp3 for Maxwell's song Noone?please!!!
    I love it so much.. I really love Alicia Keys as well... but I'm sorry to say this, her vocals sound horrific I've never heard her sound this bad.. I can't even bear to listen to the song all the way through,,,

  12. I am not really of Alicia Keys fan, therefore I will have to go with Maxwell. That is a class and this funk out shines Alicia's piano any day.