An Awards Ceremony Honoring Soul With No ‘Soul’ Category? RELEASE THE HOUNDS!

  • A UK-based artist named Gabrielle (school us, will you?) has slammed the MOBOs for not having a specific "soul" category, and also goes on and on about how Americans dominate the awards. Then she went on to say how Xanadu was like the best movie ever. I was so with her until that part. [Digital Spy]
  • Our girl, the legendary HoneySoul interviewed Babyface. Glaring omission: What he thought about Norbit. [Honey]
  • The tracklist for Lenny Kravitz's forthcoming It's Time for a Love Revolution has been revealed. We really kinda like a guy with output. You hear that, Maxwell? [Billboard]
  • Starbucks is giving out 50 Million iTunes songs, but that money could be better spent on research to stop their Triple Grande White Chocolate Mochas from repeating. I'm bitter. [Wired]
  • Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac are teaming up for a flick called Soul Men, which is kind of like The Blues Brothers, but with actual "brothers" and some angry, projected rants about "the system". [SOHH]
  • Will the real James Brown offspring please stand up? (so we can inspect your press 'n curl) [C+D]
  • Is LL Cool J plotting a Jay-Z diss record? Why does something that seems like it could've been so magical 10 years ago now seem like a calculated, unnecessary, come-lately ploy for attention? Oh, because it is. [Nah Right]
  • "Her once-tender voice now sounds smothered in sand and her subject
    matter is so preachy and spiritual that her songs are more
    embarrassingly earnest than emotionally confessing." Yet another
    article about Lauryn Hill "losing it". It's the gift that keeps on giving, ya'll. [WSN]
  • He Loves Me...Not So Much: Was Jill Scott's ex-hubby jealous of her success? Was he not completely enchanted with being called "Mr. Scott"? Was their love not really loose like bowels after collard greens? The answers to these burning questions can be found in the latest issue of Upscale. [BTU]
  • More anger over The MOBO Awards. Can you tell I'm really going in for this drama? [Voice]

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3 Responses

  1. Yeah, the MOBOs have been catching heat for that ... I understand it though I guess. But I liked "Xanadu"! LOL!

  2. didn't Gabrielle do Dreams? circa '93 if my I recall correctly.
    re: LL... there was this Queens posse cut that came out earlier this year. LL's verse was all about Jigga. Called him "doofy" and complained about how he was ruining Def Jam.
    LL is a legend and a devoted gym rat but... he sounded kinda whiny.

  3. Yup, she did.