Diggin’ in the Crates: The Most Important Remix EVAR.

Ok, maybe not the most important, but definitely one of the hottest joints to drop during my coming-of-age. BLACKstreet's "Tonight's the Night" remix featuring SWV is right up there as far as mid-90's jeep music goes. The reason this track is so significant is because it dropped right when New Jack Swing was morphing into Hip-Hop Soul. Besides, how many memories can one song bring all at once? A Craig Mack cameo. A pre-Grateful Coko. All the original members of BLACKstreet including my man Dave Hollister.

This song is a beast.

BLACKstreet ft. SWV & Craig Mack: "Tonight's the Night (Remix)"

Thanks the man Zillz, I was able to grab the vid from DailyMotion. UMG has Youtube shook.

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2 Responses

  1. Dang...I remember this jam. My brother used to play this all the time. I heard that SWV are working together to come back with another album.

  2. Yes! This was indeed the joint. I still rock the first Blackstreet album every now and then, but this remix was the hotness.


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