Go Team Kanye!

Ye_Graduation_Instore.jpgIt's official, Kanye West has sonned the competition and landed firmly atop the album sales chart with a reported 930K copies of Graduation sold, according to HITS Daily Double. Official SoundScan numbers haven't been reported yet, but does it even matter at this point? 50 Cent lost the battle with his distant second-place showing. Don't be mad, Curtis, we hear UPS is hiring.

In other Ye news, did he burn a bridge at MTV with his post-VMA rant? Perhaps, but maybe we'd be pressed if they actually played videos on the channel with any regularity these days. [NYDN]

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  1. Graduation > Curtis: Kanye Outsells 50 In A Major Way

    Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don't. Curtis" src="" width="407" height="111" /> Preliminary numbers are in and according to HITS Daily Double, Kanye West's Graduation has outsold 50 Cent's Curtis by l...

  2. Based on the quote from the spokesperson from MTV, no bridges were burned. They made it clear Kanye said he won't work with them - meaning as long as they're willing to work with him the door is open. I'm sure they'll all kiss and make up when the need arises. That's the biz, right?
    I applaud Kanye for speaking his mind, even if it may label him a trouble maker...or big mouth.