‘Electric Circus’ Was Good. Really!

  • "If I hear one more person talk sh-- about [Electric] Circus, I'm gonna punch 'em in their damn chest." Umm, the album was questionable, holmes, but your assessment is very much appreciated. [Philly Weekly]
  • Wyclef, Jazzy Jeff, KRS-1, Marly Marl and CL Smooth are providing the soundtrack to NBA Live '08. Not to be a rebel rouser, but I doubt it'll be half as good as this. [AHH]
  • Talib Kweli isn't interested in having an energy drink. I'll totally forget this fact should I ever interview him. [AskMen]
  • Pete Doherty will work with Amy Winehouse. Who's gonna pick up the bar tab? [Javno]
  • Also, Amy was a big winner at the Music of Black Origin Awards. Again, not to be a rebel-rouser, but can't it be argued that all music is of black origin? Even Buddist chanting? Am I raising the Black Power Fist too high? Please advise. [BBC]
  • Also kinda black: Joss Stone. [EBE]

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2 Responses

  1. I too am one of those folks whose forehead vein starts throbbing every time people dismiss Electric Circus.
    That's an exceptional record. It will eventually be considered his Bitches Brew. Bammas still have to play catch-up first.

  2. It's true; that album was much better than people gave it credit for. Hip-hop isn't kind to experimentation unless it goes platinum, whether it's good or not. (See The Love Below.)