Maxwell! Who Dis Woman?

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Excuse us while we channel our inner Squeak for a moment. But early this morning our beloved Maxwell posted a blog on his MySpace page
with a link to this beauty's photo. And anyone who has Max amongst
their top friends may have noticed on Saturday that his photo was
changed to hers. (Yeah, we're clocking Maxwell's every move like he was
a timepiece.)

Just who is this striking knockout? We don't know for sure but what we do know is that she plays a role in Maxwell's elaborate Black Summer's Night
trilogy. Whether she is his muse or a mere character in the three acts
remains to be seen. Until the mystery is solved, however, we'll just have to speculate about this honeydew sugar chocolate dumplin, sister with a certain sumthin' sumthin'.

Maxwell - Pretty Wings

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5 Responses

  1. she looks vaguely like Meagan Good.

  2. LOL @ The Color Purple Squeak reference!

  3. Avatar

    she's beautiful, but i have to agree with dj stylus, she looks like meagan good with a lot of foundation

  4. Yess she is beautiful and her name is Raven. Maxwell and Meagan are rumoured to be dating but please don't quote me on this. They were seen recently at a club together chillin quite closely. Here's a picture of the two.

  5. she is very pretty. but I think the ring max is always wearing says she's his wife. for sure somebody seems to be (her or somebody). he's been wearing that ring for a while. has anybody seen her ring? for somebody who always sang about being in love and feeling 'fortunate' to have this girl, i want to know where is the love max. you don't seem to be keeping her a secret, just the marriage. whats up?


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