Please Pass the Salt-N-Pepa

How excited are we that The Salt-N-Pepa Show is only a few weeks away from hitting the airwaves? After seeing that spicy preview clip last week, we can't wait for Cheryl "Salt" James and Sandy "Pepa" Denton to premiere their upcoming VH1 Celebreality television series. This show already looks like a major step up from the Flavor-Of-I-Love-New-Charm-School axis of evil that dominates VH1's schedule. interviewed the duo and, although they may not exactly be besties, the reunited pair sound refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to get past their issues and start a new chapter--together. That right there is enough to make us do the wop in anticipation. And so is this:

The Salt-N-Pepa Show premieres Monday, October 15 at 10/9c on VH1.

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6 Responses

  1. Yup, I'm breakin out my SnP cassette tapes this week!

  2. I just started getting in to them since I've been getting into decent hip-hop. Their last album, ten years ago, "Brand New" was great. Too bad it wasn't pushed. I do hope Spinderella will be present & that VH-1 doesn't contaminate them with their evil.

  3. God, this would actually make me want satellite back.....NAAAAAAH. Somebody I know will record it..

  4. Goose bumps! These girls are the musical backdrop of my childhood. Oh how things change, people change, and music changes! I respect Salt for changing, but you gotta love Pepa for being Pepa. When their videos used to come on Jukebox back in the day, my sister and I would race and say, "I'm Pepa!" lol. There was just something about Pepa.
    Question: Did everyone have the Jukebox channel back in the day, or was that a southern thing?

  5. Love, I was in college in D.C. in the early 90's, and they had Jukebox up here. I remember my boy *COUGH* borrowed *COUGH* his most hated roommate's credit card and we ordered up a gang of videos a few times. I'm sure a Salt-N-Pepa vid or three was amongst our shopping sprees.
    Ah, the good old days. LOL