Who Said it Best? Black Milk or Kweli?


Welcome to another edition of Battle of the Beats, where we (meaning you, the SoulBounce Reader) match up two tracks that have some arbitrary connection or similarity. Again, we're going the easy route with song titles and I had to do it for the heads on this one.

In one corner, Black Milk's "Say Something". In the other, Talib Kweli's "Say Something." Sorry, kids, Mariah's gonna have to sit this one out. Maybe next time.

I know a lot of ya'll stan for Jean Grae and I can't hate. But, Black is my homie right now. I already know who's got my vote.

(Just in case you haven't figured it out by now, we're doing these all week so check back everyday. It might get a lil' ugly.)

Black Milk: "Say Something"

Talib Kweli: "Say Something"

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6 Responses

  1. I'm going for Kweli on this one. Loves it!

  2. That Kweli song is a banger. I'm gonna have to go with his track.

  3. I have to go with Talib Kweli. I like, I like!!!

  4. Oh My!! I am feeling Black Milk...but my heart has to go the Father of my imaginary backpacking children....Talib is the truth and Jean Grae spits hot fiyah like DylanDylanDylan....

  5. being a beat man I have to go with Black Milk. if were a lyrics man first I'd go with Kweli though. Jean just keeps getting better.
    beats always trump rhymes for me doe, with the exception of krunk, snap music, dipset, and other coonerific miscellany.

  6. I'm diggin' both, like everyone else -- but, I'm going to co-sign on Talib. The lyrics are killin', and the backbeat is on-point.