Who’s “More Than A Woman”? Aaliyah or Angie Stone?


My mello nOva let me loose in the crates and said that I could do today's Battle of the Beats so I had to come correct with some hotness. So today we have everyone's beloved Babygirl, Aaliyah, going up against one of the most consistent women in the game, Angie Stone. It's not right, but it's O.K.

Way back in 2001 both ladies dropped songs entitled "More Than A Woman" but there was no mistaking the two. Aaliyah's track was a mid-tempo jam with Timabaland behind the boards, whereas Angie's song was a sultry duet with Calvin Richardson (whose career never did take off, such a pity). Although Richardson got curbed in favor of Joe when the single was released, we're gonna go with Angie's O.G. album version here.

Admittedly, this is a tough choice for me. But I'm not the one choosing, y'all are. Please have at it in the comments.

Aaliyah: "More Than a Woman"

Angie Stone & Calvin Richardson: "More Than a Woman"

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9 Responses

  1. I loved both tracks but I remember when Angie dropped this album and I used to listen to this track all the time. It is a pity that Calvin Richardson's career never took off. I'm more of a neo soul I always root for the neosoul

  2. Correction: Calvin also had this on his album as well!!

  3. This isn't even a real question, that song is one of my favorites from that Angie album it is so FIRE...I don't buy into the Aaliyah was a classic school of thought, sorry (and just for the record I'm not even necessarily a neo soul sister like the first poster I'm much more traditional/contemporary r&b)...

  4. Sorry Angie B, as much as you Funk Me Right On Up, I gotta go with Baby Girl on this one.
    The dancefloor contingency must be represented in this debate.

  5. I don't see much comparison between the two. I was just watching a bunch of Aaliyah videos last night. I really miss her.

  6. This is not fair. I was never a big Aaliyah fan, but this is one of my favorite songs on her album. Angie Stone has always had my 9.99 plus tax, for every album that she released. This song had the soul that my heart needed and it still gets heavy rotation in my car or houss! This hands down go to Angie Stone and Mr. Richardson. Congrats!

  7. aaliyah hands down. angie's song was nice but nothing novel, just old soul done well. aaliyah's was fresh in all senses: future forward--ufoish even--and my shit.

  8. In this case, Angie Stone. I never really did like Aaliyah's "More Than a Woman" song from her last album.

  9. I didn't like Alliyah's More Than a Woman, Angie's is BEAUTIFUL!