Whose “Woman” is Tighter? Eric’s or Raheem’s?

Unfair! Unfair! But if you've been reading this week, you probably already saw this one coming, and already knew how "unfair" it would be. Just imagine how Your Friendly SoulBounce Editors feel!

With that said, I'm feeling so boss right now that I'm gonna step out there and force everyone to choose between Eric Roberson and Raheem Devaughn for tonight's Battle of the Beats. The song title is "Woman".

Expect even more "unfairness" in the coming days.

Eric Roberson: "Woman"

Raheem Devaughn: "Woman"

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4 Responses

  1. Even though I already knew this was coming, you still wrong for this one, man. Especially on Eric's birthday week!! For shame!
    As far as the song I'm going to choose, I loves Erro, God knows I do...but Raheem's "Woman" is my jam. In this instance (and in this instance alone...LOL) I'm gonna have to go with Raheem.
    Shhh...don't tell the ERF!!

  2. Awww man, Eric Roberson's "Woman" is nice and melodic but I have to go with Raheem. This man is the truth and when he performs he sings his dang heart out. His album is serious!!! Raheem (Hands Down)

  3. This is wrong! Seeing that I just saw ERRO last night. Raheem brings such flavor and engery to this song. I dance everytime I hear this song. I love ERRO's "woman" so much, but I have to agree with everyone one else and award Raheem this title.
    Congrats Raheem!!!


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