BlogBeat: Can A Sista Get On The List?

mc_lyte_vintage.jpg"What is my point exactly? My point is that when it comes to the
discussion of Best Rapper of All Time, men are only included for
consideration onto this list. There ain't never a woman mentioned. Why
is that? I surmise because out of all the rhyme ciphers I have seen in
my day, when a female goes head to head against her male counterpart,
the moment that male begins to feel that his rhymedom is threatened, he
will resort to making sexist statements to unnerve the female so that
her judgement gets clouded and she ends up folding, blinded by the fact
that some little snot-nosed dude told her "You ain't into this hip-hop
sh--/You should just get on your knees and suck this di--" or something
to that effect." [Hopelessly Sarcastic]


2 Responses

  1. NAHMEAN!?! Wastin no time! Doin it Big Fo Yo Sistas.
    There are a WHOLE LOT of male rappers(cuz they can't move the crowd) who would fall victim to the likes of a MC Lyt, Lauryn Hill, or Ra Goddess(btw, where you at Sista).
    Them Sistas are on my list!

  2. Thanks for posting this. Not only is this a discussion I've been having since the 90s, it's also great that you lead me to ill Mami's Hopelessly Sarcastic site -- it's about time that a few more female bloggers blog about hip-hop in a serious way.