Bounce-Worthy: Check Out Franklin Bridge On ‘American Band’ Tonight

franklin_bridge.jpg[Photo: IOpEnMiNdS Photography]

Franklin Bridge is a five-man band out of Philly and Jersey that isn't a household name yet, but after tonight that's all about to change. The group will be appearing this evening on the season premiere of the new reality competition, The Next Great American Band. The American Idol-esque show kicks off tonight at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST on your local FOX
station with two hours of audition footage to separate the jokers who
just want some TV face time from the serious contenders. And believe me, Franklin Bridge is serious with theirs.

Band members include Adam Blackstone, Curt Chambers, Rayfield "Ray Ray" Holloman, "Lil" Darrell Robinson and Wayne Moore and their music can be described as a funky mix of rock 'n soul. They have
played and shared the stage with Eric Roberson, Chrisette Michele, Jay-Z,
Vivian Green, Floetry and DJ Jazzy Jeff, to name a few.

Let it be known that we are Team Franklin Bridge all the way over here at SoulBounce. After you watch this video of the fellas doing a cover of the D'Angelo classic "How Does It Feel" earlier this year in Philly you'll see why. Curt Chambers is giving Mr. Archer a run for his money:

Yessir. Franklin Bridge has our vote. And as
the weeks go by, they will definitely need more votes and support to advance the
band through the competition. Tune into FOX tonight and every Friday for the next several weeks to make that happen. Let's go Team Franklin Bridge!

Franklin Bridge [Official] [MySpace]
The Next Great American Band [Official] [MySpace]

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8 Responses

  1. The chorus was so Mint Condition-inspired. Uplifting.

  2. franklin bidge are awesome the world better get ready because they in for something crazy. You got my vote all day long I love you guys..

  3. Avatar

    Of the 12 bands that made it to the next round, Franklin Bridge was the only band that sent that satisfaction chill down my spine when hearing a new song for the first time.
    Right after their performance on FOX, I found myself surfing the web, looking at web sites to get more information about Frankin Bridge.
    The rest of the bands did nothing for me. In my opinion this show can be summed up in 1 week, and the other 11 bands should pack up their gear and go home.

  4. It is "America's" Greatest Band...They are the best of the 12, hands down just based on versatility and a freshness, but whether or not they will be chosen...I guess we will see. But they don't have anything to worry about...They will be snacthed up...hopefully by Hidden Beach.

  5. Like the band alot - I have only one question?
    When the band audition there were 5 members but yet when they performed last Friday on the show, there was only 4. This is so odd! What the deal here? Are they a 4 or 5 member band and if so, where was the keyboard player?

  6. Hey Butta, thanks for this write up!!! FB rocks as you already know!! Pray the fellas receive much continued success, favor and blessings.

  7. Avatar

    thanks for the photo credit...whoever u are I appreciate it A LOT!...Im a subscriber now! holla at cha girl for any other hot artist!