‘How Does it Feel’ To Be In the Lead?

dangelo_shot.jpgShocker! Looks like D'Angelo is leading our first official "Soul-Poll"! Well, to be clear, he's only a point ahead of Erykah and Maxwell as of this writing. We're pretty sure it has everything to do with him being naked on TV and us using the word "poll". Dear SoulBounce Reader, this site probably isn't the place to exercise or exorcise your sexual frustration. I'm just sayin'...

Lauryn Hill? Dead last! What did she do to you all?

Anyway, there's still plenty of time for Maxwell to win to get your vote in, since we're leaving it up through the weekend with the last vote to be accepted Wednesday evening (if anyone still cares by that time). Ask your co-workers, children, and parole officers to join in. I promise I won't try to sway anyone...

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1 Response

  1. Man, you're swaying people with that photo of D'Angelo looking all magically delicious. You got me over here rethinking my vote! LOL