Lucky Dube (1964-2007)

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  1. Wow. Can't believe it. I used to listen to a lot of his music in the 90s.

  2. i miss u dube ur me u was the best why they do something like that u'll be strong where u are i love u we love u u'll be in our heart in the heart for all regaae man for all rasta farai u are the best man peace rasta farai. matuvanga danieal antonio mouchy i love u man

  3. I just can't believe that u are dead. I miss u so much since I hear that u was shot I have no peace in my heart I'm just feeling bad. May those who kill u have no peace in their lives may God punish them may someone kill them just how they kill u. May ur soul rest in peace I love u

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    Dube Jah keeps you in the hearts of the people,you are gone taken by babylon hands,the hands that love doing evil but still you will live by our hearts forever.they took you from the world but cant take you out of our hearts and the hands of the Most High.RIP.we pray for You.Emanu Georwell.+256773301704

  5. i am bleeding tears in my heart because of your death. i was shoked to nhear that the great was shot dead. may your soul fight with your enemies. never give up.

  6. Why did they kill him? ,it is very sad. Rest in peace brother .luv u & miss u.

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    The king of rasta {lucky philip dube} rest in perfect peace. We will always feel irie