Morning Soul: The Freaks Come Out In The Daytime, Too

  • Van Hunt is having contest and wants you to send in videos showing how he turns you on. Oh wait, our bad, we totally misread that. [Van Hunt]
  • ?uestlove wants us to vote for Tanya Morgan in the XM "Show Us What Ya Got" contest. And what ?uestlove wants, ?uestlove gets. [MySpace]
  • "This album has that balance where it's super-duper lyrical and it still has easy records...I kept the subject matter and the lyrics real dense and heavy, but I made the hooks and tracks really, really light and really, really commercial." Oh really, really, Lupe Fiasco? [HipHopGame]
  • Eric Roberson had quite a birthday week. [Erro]
  • Work it, Donna Summer!! [Clay Cane]

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2 Responses

  1. I don't know what's iller, L'il Poppin' Jermaine Dupri (and his jheri curl) or Ecstasy's young ass shorts.

  2. Donna Summer is truth, saw her live two years ago, she is a true original. Can't wait for her new LP at the beginning of 2008.