The ‘Nigger’ Album

nas.jpgWe've tip-toed around this thing long enough. Now, since we're all grown here, let's get two things out of the way:

1. Nigga
2. Nigger

Let's proceed.

If this album does happen provided UMG doesn't cave to Jeffries, us Nas fans will be saying that word in the fourth quarter and beyond a lot more than we planned. Most of us suspect that Nas' intentions are honorable; he's one of the most talented and celebrated rap artists of the past fifteen years. While there have been a few missteps in his oeuvre ("Hate Me Now", "Oochie Wally", the Firm album) we can't deny the power and importance of "One Love", "One Mic" and "Black Girl Lost".

now call upon you, the progressive, intelligent SoulBounce Reader, to
inject some right-mindedness into this debate, since much that has
already been offered, isn't.

Is he doing it for
attention? Or does he really have a point to make and alarmists just
don't get it? And even if you do see where's he's coming from, do you
think this is a smart move? Or maybe we should take the "wait and see"

Let's bear in mind, that there are lots of rap albums out there with
less-offensive titles and with far more damaging, disrespectful, and
degrading material in one song than Nas' entire catelogue.

Comment away.


6 Responses

  1. Nas is trying to boost sales of this album..hence the controversial title!!! Everyone knows that in these days of lackluster record sales..Nas is simply trying to garner interest in an album that otherwise might go under the radar....what people don't realize is that the label he's on (Def Jam) won't promote this album past 2 Nas figures...if I call it "Nigger" it will garner attention long after def jam stops promoting it...In one sense it's clever, but in another sense it's stupid....Hopefully Nas puts out a "Public Enemy" style album with enlightening cuts throughout, but the brass at DJ won't let that the album will be a mediocre collection of tracks that did'nt go on last years HHID album...maybe with some newer joints, but all in all an average album....remember....DJ will not promote this album like you see Gay-z's albums the idea of calling it "Nigger" was clever but at whose expense?...Personally I'm tired of hearing it!!!! I believe nas should rethink the idea and come with something a little more thought out!!!!

  2. I'm of 2 minds on this..
    1. He has lost his mind and is taking his perceived leadership in Hip Hop too far. If that is true he isn't as smart as I(and some of you) give him credit for being.
    2. He has plans to do something he really thinks will be monumental and this title will draw all the sides he wants to hear it.
    I am in the wait and see camp but honestly, I think if he is serious about this album he should pull a N.W.A. on the title. But i'm sure his thinking on that level is.. I need this album pushed hard and nothing sells like Bill O and Oprah hate. They in an attempt to be in the forefront of OMG news will push the album for him.. if for no other reason that to steamroll copies of the CDs.
    Will I buy it? Yes. Do I already feel like a sheep. No Doubt 🙁

  3. I'm not really sure how I feel about Nas' new album title. Honestly, I don't find it that surprising because Nas is one of those dudes that lives for pushing the envelope at a time when a centain issue is hot. The hip hop is dead title came at the brink of all of the "ring tone artists" coming out with the most foolish songs. Now the Nigger/Nigga title is coming out when the "N word" is a hot topic.
    I do feel that this may be his way of showing people that it is "just a word". Maybe this is his attempt to diffuse the tension surrounding the word by having a monumental project that brings it to the surface.
    I don't really agree with the title because it seems like he's trying to profit off of such a controversial issue/word. And that to me isn't fair game if you're a so called innovator.

  4. i dont think its that serious the only thing im worried bout is if target is goin sell iti mean how would that look on the self.the title idk white people see us as nigger (jena 6) but alll white aint like that. but nas is one of da best mc.

  5. I really dont know what Nas maybe up too, but all I know is he is an intelligent person so whatever he has planned for this album could be monumental, but one can never be for sure. This is why I can't say he should not produce an album with a title such as "Ni**er" because everyone has their own views of the word. To many african Americans these days it's how the word is used that cause offense so on the issue of the album its what the message of the album is.

  6. In no way do I think he's trying to boost record sales. When he dropped "Hip Hop Is Dead" he had a meaning behind it. NaS is a very talented and intellectual artist and I know he's bringing us something to think about. All I can say is wait till' the album comes out then we can see whats up.
    Coming from a black man...It doesn't offend me at all.
    Will I Buy It??? Right On!!!