‘New Jack Swing’ Weekend is Coming

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Hot on the heels of Butta's Morning Soul comes news that the ever-reliable VH1-Soul is unleashing a celebration of New Jack Swing this coming weekend in conjunction with the Hip-Hop Honors. What an excellent reason to stay home this weekend. Here's a rundown of the programming via HHE:

  • New Jack Swing A to Z, a video marathon of every New Jack Swing video in alphabetical order starting from After 7 to Zhane.
  • Teddy Riley's Top 10: Best in Soul, an hour-long block hosted by Teddy Riley, featuring his Top 10 favorite "New Jack Swing" videos.
  • The BBC original documentary, "Urban Soul: Stories on the Making of Modern R&B" on Saturday, October 6 at 8PM.

Just thinking of pre-Puffy Hip-Hop Soul makes me feel ancient, but some dope stuff dropped during that time. Also, VH1-Soul continues to amaze me with their programming, as opposed to other Viacom-owned networks that I won't name here....

VH1 Soul Presents "New Jack Swing Weekend" [HHE]

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2 Responses

  1. I'm sayin tho. VH1 has more original programming for us than BET. granted FoL and CS are a lil suspect by some folk, but you can't knock em for trying.

  2. Agreed with the poster above. From the *quality* selection of all forms of Black Music (Reggae, Soul R&B and even vaugely-decent Top 40) to the original one-offs that they air. VH1 is completely clowning the other "music"
    BET Jazz is definately an exception though.
    I think I might watch some of this stuff this weekend.