Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: So Tweet and T.I. Go Out for a Night Of Heavy Drinking…

tweets_new_look.jpgOops, oh my. I just heard the new Tweet song and I must say that I'm... mystified. Now, don't get me wrong, she's my girl and all, but "My Dear" featuring T.I. is way out of character. How can I describe it? Like Justin's "My Love" but less good? I don't know, she's really phoning it in on this one. Also, the photo above. There's so much "wrong" crammed into this post I almost feel guilty. But actually, I don't.

Tweet: "My Dear" ft. T.I.

[Hat Tip: Toya]

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5 Responses

  1. fucka oops oh my...fucka call me...fucka WHATEVER the hell that second album was..this is the woman that brought us "Beautiful" i KNOW she is capable of more...i dont kno whats worse...her trying to pass this off as a song worth liking enough to buy an album over...OR thinking we would completely forget that ciara recorded the female vocals first?...imma need tweet to start givin missy scented oil pedicures again so she can get some act right and stop wastin my time

  2. She looks a smoldering mess in that photo, lord.

  3. Yeeeeouch! Wow, that hair! No Ma'am, NO MA'AM!

  4. wow, is that a gap over on the side? Never saw that one before.

  5. Get the fuck out of here! That is not even Tweet. Many you are tripping, she has a button nose and it really cute and chocolate. This some cracked up tranny, not Tweet.


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