“These drunk and hot girls…”

There are fans, and there are fans. Check out this footage of what went down backstage at a recent Common show. A few questions:

  1. Where exactly did he perform that she was able to drink that much? Not that she was sloppy drunk or anything, but according to her "That ain't just the liquor talking", so there was enough liquor involved for her to mention it, right?
  2. Did she look at him through the camera and ask "Are you smiling?" Again, was it VSOP or Paul Masson?
  3. How'd she get back there in the first place? Awkward! Lonnie looked on-guard, just in case she got a little too Glenn Close for comfort.

[Hat Tip: Kanye]


3 Responses

  1. LOL you are a FOOL for putting this up. Whyyyyyyyyyyy am I DYING laughing!!!! He's so nice though, gotta give him props for maintaining his composure. I LOVE him....

  2. "Too Glen Close for comfort"
    LOVE it.
    Way to utilize the double entendre to highlight the potential stalkerness of this situation.

  3. 1. Mad funny how he keeps making sure she's at arm's length.
    2. I swore I heard someone say something about a wetback. Dat was wack if that was what I heard.


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