Videobounce: The Away Team – “Greedy”

The Away Team's Training Day drops Oct. 30th. Butta was up on this before the kid, so all should bow down to her grace. Now, I must say this:

I am a HUGE fan of ANYTHING that comes out of North Carolina (minus the helicopter dude), but I hope the stripped down videos are not becoming the new standard. I realize the budget gets the say-so and I'm saying I don't need scrippuhz, but dang can a ninja get a tree? a building?

I'm writing this at 5am so that Max Headroom thing they have going on got a brotha paranoid.

Kanye ruined the curve for everybody else fam.

But yeah the song is hot. Khrysis, Boog, if in the future there is a remix, I gotta hear a Big Dho verse. If I heard correctly, he killed it on Dream Merchant Vol. 2. And I got a review for that too. In fact, it's the ONLY review you should ever read for 9th Wonder's Dream Merchant Vol. 2.

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1 Response

  1. I like this stripped down video if for nothing else to gain gratuitous gander at the Away Team 😉