What Did You Buy?

10 Responses

  1. Too funny...well I copped Jill Scott's album only...definitely look into Rahsaan Patterson..the man makes good music!! Damn it's already October!

  2. Of that list, the only one I bought was Jilly's CD/DVD combo. I had already gotten a review copy of Chaka's new joint from her record company, otherwise I would have bought that one, too. Keyshia Cole, Jagged Edge, and Donnell Jones also ended up in my cart.

  3. Bought: Jill Scott. I like about 40% of it so far.
    Tried to find: Sweet Honey in the Rock "Experience 101"
    Downloaded and Definitely will buy: Heavy "JazzMoney$$"

  4. I copped it.

  5. Out of that list, Jill. I haven't had a chance to copy it to my ipod because the fam keeps wanted to borrow it. My sister brought Keyshia Cole and Chaka, but again I have had a chance to listen.

  6. I bought Chaka & my partner got the Jill.

  7. I bought Jill and Chaka. Will be getting Me'Shell and Rahsaan next.

  8. I got that Rahsaan.

  9. The only thing I'm missing is the new Meshell. I'm intentionally holding out because she's getting a bit too Hollyweird for me. There is more than enough great music to fill the spot until I'm ready to deal with her.

  10. What about Ann Nesby??!! This is her best cd since her first one!! Awesome!!