Wherein We Mourn the Passing of FiascoGate

  • care_bear.jpgJenny Craig flatters Queen Latifah by sponsoring her tour. [HHE]
  • Michael Jackson enlists the help of Kanye West for his next project; was kinda bummed when a grown black man showed up to the studio instead of a snuggly cartoon teddy bear. [M&C]
  • The Official "FiascoGate" Timeline, because it's hard to keep score with all the contextual errors and the praising of MC Hammer and such. [MTV]
  • But Fiascogate is over. Too bad jerks like me will still be talking about it for years to come. Because we're jerks. Oh, did you hear about that dumb thing Lupe Fiasco did at the Hip Hop Honors? It was a riot! [CRS]
  • Bobby Brown didn't have a heart attack. It was just some bad brie, obvs. [AP]
  • 7 Habits of Being Effectively High, People. Ghostface will release a book in November. [Nah Right]
  • Who's got that purp? Amy Winehouse and Prince are doing a duet. [M&C]
  • Actually, KRS-1's got that purp, and some quaaludes too! [HC]
  • Local business owners are upset that streets are being shut down for the forthcoming BET Hip Hop Awards. Like anything involving BET and Hip-Hop would pose a security risk! [HHE]

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