Alicia’s New Video is Like ‘Thirtysomething’, but with Black People

Rounding out our Alicia Keys Marathon (obvs) is the new clip for "Like You'll Never See Me Again", a single that is softer than, sweeter than and vastly superior to "No One." Here, Common returns Alicia's favor by appearing as the object of affection in a dramatic, time-stamped series of events leading up to his hospitalization. There's high drama to be found here; the words "heart-wrenching" and "bittersweet" seem awfully apropos.

Oh, and Common dies at the end. But he's still alive in real life so, like, chill.

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3 Responses

  1. He's not dead at the end. No flatline. It was still beeping.
    The song has a little more power with this video but it still sounds like she's pushing herself with vocals on this album. She should chill and stop trying so hard. Her voice was way better in the past without all that soulless shouting.

  2. I wanted to like this but

  3. tiz off d hizzy 4 swashizzy!