Bilal Just Lets Go

It has recently come to our attention (via an Official Bouncer that shall remain nameless) that we need to pump up the Bilal Oliver coverage. We agree!! Bilal is one of those artists that is the foundation of SoulBounce and anyone with this kind of talent, range and energy deserves his proper dues, regardless of how long it takes him to arrive to his own show. *bitter flashback*

If you've never seen the man in concert then you're seriously missing out. He screams at the top of his lungs Prince-style, twirls around microphone stands and breaks dishes! That's what we call passion for one's craft! Check out this footage from a recent show in Atlanta.

[H/T: Soulman]


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  1. Now that's the Bilal I know!
    What? No rolling on the ground? No groping female audience members who you've invited on stage?
    Alot can be said for him still turning it out on some 7-year-old album material though...

  2. lol @ breaks dishes. But yes, he really does give a wonderful live performance. Question: when is his new album supposed to drop? Do you guys have any info on it?

  3. I was at this show. I want whatever dude is on but the show was off the hook. I think his last Cd was out on the street bootleg so they had to redo it. I think the new one comes out in early 08.

  4. Bout time! Hmmph! See, that's why I'm a bouncer because ya'll give Bilal stans like me what they want!
    See, this excellent video proves why I love the man. Actually, despite what he claims, he really ain't got no home training. I wish I had gotten footage from his Philly concert in June. Bilal Labelle truly showed his entire ass. It was a sight to see!
    Um...I have my ear to the street about everything Bilal and I've heard nothing about LFS being released in any form. I could totally see Bilal going true underground and straight selling all future albums out the trunk of the Pacer. Let me get on this!

  5. Clearly Bilal didn't take his Ritalin, but he always gives a damn good show.

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    I was at this show as well. Dude killed every song, from the first album to the "newer" joints on his MySpace page. He also bout some local talent (including Joi) up on stage to adlib to "Make Me Over", as well as put a dope spin on "Love Poems" that took me back to '01 and my first real love, lol...

    ^^Before I retired my blog, I had a few entries on Bilal, my favorite singer ever. Word to the Stans!