BlogBeat: Alicia Keys Needs To Spice It Up

alicia_keys_white_tee.jpg"Listening to Alicia Keys is a deflating experience for me. She's gorgeous, has a solid voice and is obviously talented-but in listening to her new album, As I Am, I get the experience of listening to the musical equivalent of table scraps-someone who has something real to share, but instead serves up the same vaguely empty platitudes of self-empowerment and love over and over. It's ultimately disappointing, because despite her blandness, I can't help but think there's more there." [A Deeper Shade Of Soul]


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  1. All true. Meanwhile she's most definately going to storm the Grammys and every other music award show next year just as she's storming the charts. It's funny that the blogger went on to say,
    "Listening to Keys, I can’t help but recollect my joy upon listening to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill for the first time. What I was hearing was not just a wonderful and singular album, but the expression of a woman taking on the world with incisiveness, humor, spirit and sensuality, glossing over nothing and making even her pain seem beautiful"
    I was listening to that album today thinking the very same thing. And of course, my mind went to Alicia Keys and how the industry has put her in the same category with Lauryn and every other wonderful soul singer of our time (and beyond). I honestly think it's insulting for people to even compare Alicia to Lauryn because there really is no competition. As I am is so freakin' overrated, As all of her other albums.

  2. I totally agree with the other commenter's and the blog. As I Am, was very disappointing to me, it lacked luster and true emotion. I love Alicia Keys, she has a strong voice and a great personality but I think that this CD is incredibly overrated and is weak. Sadly, I too expected much more.

  3. Its funny because I just did a post about this same thing a few days ago. Personally, I enjoy Alicia Keys for her talent and presence in the music industry, but as one of my commenters put it "her albums are boring" and I agree! She makes greats singles, but her albums have that yawn factor that I can't get past.
    I hope she seriously considers working with Kanye West more on her upcoming projects.

  4. I thought I was the only one who noticed... but hasn't it been a gradual decline, with various disappointing live performances that coincided with the new CD? She might try collaborating with Kanye West, Timbaland... heck, even working with Blondie might push her off the cliff

  5. I hate it when people compare Alicia to Lauryn Hill. They are so different in every aspect, i see Lauryn as inspiring and as an intellectual artist whereas Alicia is the better version of the beyonces of this world. Alicia is no where near Lauryn Hill crackhead or not.

  6. It's funny how you people make these comments about her. I personally like the album. I think she's not another one of the Beyonce's in the world. They are two completely different people, and they have completely different styles. None of you have any right to criticize her album, for she did not make it for you to judge upon. It's a shame how eveyone feels that they can judge celebrities as they please. You all are haters as far as I'm concerned.


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