BlogBeat: A Spin on Reality

spinderella.jpg"I wouldn't say that I'm addicted to The Salt-N-Pepa show on VH1, though I do have my DVR set to tape every episode. What's been interesting about VH1 and its reality shows has been the ability to cast artists (music, film, TV) from a time not so long ago, that resonates (and deeply I might add) with the 30 and over set...Anyway, as far as last night's episode of Salt N Pepa, well, I am starting to wonder what Spinderalla's purpose really is. How she compared herself to Jam Master Jay was very off base. How can you compare those two extremely different levels of contribution? Should Spin return for another episode, I guess we'll see how that all plays out." [LDJ]

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2 Responses

  1. If I remember correctly, Spin DID NOT compare herself to Jam Master J. Pepa actually mentioned Run DMC, and Spin said that if Jam Master J was not there, it would not be the complete picture. I love Spin and what she brought to the group, but she never compared herself to JMJ.