BlogBeat: Remembering Gerald Levert

gerald_levert.jpg"It seems like only yesterday. Looking back on all those blog posts on the death of Gerald Levert, I still can't believe that today marks a full year of his passing. It feels quite surreal that he isn't physically here anymore. Musically, he's all around, but it still shocks me when I hear his voice. I mean, I haven't been able to really listen to any of his music without getting somewhat depressed. Yet, the depression doesn't last for too long." [R&B]


1 Response

  1. can someone tell me the name of last song on the urbansoulnations dedication to gerald levert.its that song gerald is singing as the video is fading out. some of the words is : "i'll give all of me" i don't want to cry baby, please don't go."CAN SOME ONE EMAIL ME THE NAME- TITLE TO THAT SONG THANK YOU.


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