Bounce-Worthy: Teisha Marie


In last week's new video roundup I included the debut video from Teisha Marie, a new artist from the Washington, D.C. soul music scene. Teisha (pronounced Tea-e-sha) is a Maryland native and a graduate of Spelman College where she majored in Music History and Theory. This vibrant young lady has a sound that's jazzy, soulful and seductive, and she can be heard flexing her vocal chops on her first release, Addicted to Life - The EP. I got my hands on this disc in September, and the seven songs left me wanting more from this fresh talent.

Teisha Marie plans to release a full CD in 2008, but until then here's a taste of a sultry spoken word piece from her debut. And if you like what you hear, Addicted to Life - The EP can be purchased directly from her MySpace page.

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2 Responses

  1. For a minute there I thought that read TIERRA MARI

  2. LOL @ WW4P. The day that Tierra Mari becomes Bounce-Worthy is the day that I lose my hearing. But just so we're clear, Teisha Marie actually has talent. 😉


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