Crowd Participation: Name That Beat

Thumbnail image for record_shop.jpgYeah, yeah, yeah. The first installment of "Name That Beat" was too easy. But I just wanted to know my target audience. Sheesh...

Anyway, this week's "Name That Beat" is a bit more challenging, as I promised.

Just like last time, you must name both the artist and title of the original track as well as the subsequent track that sampled it.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Good luck!


4 Responses

  1. I know this track cause I tracked it down when DJ Shadow used it on "Funky Skunk" and it took me ages to find the sample them. I'm so hating on whoever gets this right.
    The sad part is I will be up half the night searching my notes, to get this out my head.

  2. Jesse Anderson.
    The track is "Mighty Mighty". Word to Curtis Mayfield covers.
    Main Source used it on "Snake Eyes" from the phenomenal Breaking Atoms album.
    Stylus sez,
    "I Ain't No Joke" - © Rakim
    "It's Not A Game" - © Pete Rock & CL Smooth
    "Gimme my props" - © Showbiz & A.G.

  3. I see that Stylus has spoken. The signature line is killin me, pa!

  4. OK, DJs can't play anymore! lol