Diggin’ In the Crates: Busta Rhymes Enlisted Greg Nice Once, and He Had Dreadlocks Too!

busta.jpgRemember maxi-singles, ya'll? For three or four bucks more than a basic $1.99 CD single, you'd get instrumentals, remixes, remix instrumentals and bonus tracks too. Just like vinyl! Busta Rhymes' "Dangerous" was one such single, and on it was this gem produced by Tumblin' Dice called "You Won't Tell, I Won't Tell" featuring Greg Nice.

This is the Busta Rhymes of ten years ago, when he was still rocking the crazy dreads in the colorful videos, wearing even more colorful outfits and generally coming off non-threatening. Just a wild, fun cat.

Yeah. I don't know where this "gangster" came from either.

Busta Rhymes: "You Won't Tell, I Won't Tell (ft. Greg Nice)"

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5 Responses

  1. Wow. I remember maxi-singles. I remember 15 years ago, going to Sam Goody or where I'm from, we had a National Record Mart, right after school and taking some of my McDonald's paycheck and buying a maxi-single, (back when cassette tapes were the ish) and popping them in the walkman, sitting on the bus ride home and JAMMIN!!! Man, times changed.

  2. Aw hell, this is one of my all time favorite songs!!! Where in the hell did you find the original uncensored version. I own three of these singles, and they all have the censored version of the song. Where in the hell do I find this one!?????

  3. Thanks a million! I've been tryna get this song online for the longest, i lost the "Dangerous" cassette tape that had this years ago!

  4. man i was searching like hell to find this jam.... one of my favorites.. i cannot for the lfe of me find anywhere that has it for sale ... no mp3s on the net i can find either..... damn

  5. Please, can anyone tell me where to find this song? I have been looking for this song since whenever. Please help. On this page it refused to open. I could not even listen to it let alone have it.