Erykah Badu Isn’t Fighting Jill Scott Anytime Soon

xy1024_user_20071031_223801_0.93642900.jpegThe OkayPlayer boards are always a little more fun when Erykah Badu actively participates and a recent Q&A thread was no different. Questions ranged from her fashion choices, to Jay Electronica, to who she'd rather fight between Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Jill Scott:

well lets see....
alicia seem like she a 'face scratcher'
so imma pass .
jill will beat THEE shit out a nigga
so im straight.
ill go round with L boogie tho
we in the same weight class and if i train for a few months i just might knock the zion out that ass....

But Badu also made sure everyone understands that Lauryn Hill is fine, regardless of her lack of output or how she's perceived these days:

Mrs. Lauren hill is an intelligent woman
brilliant artist, still.
that doesnt leave you.
just had her 5th child.
theres not a damn thing wrong with the queen's mind.


If Badu says Lauryn is fine, then I'm inclined to believe her. Reading her many postings, it's clear that she has a playful sense of humor, doesn't take herself too seriously, but is still conscious enough to offer some mighty truths for the masses. Shouts to Purple for the compass.

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3 Responses

  1. i love how Erykah can have fun with it all...

  2. yea...this goes to show that she's so her

  3. erykah baduuuuuu ever present in ma life (L)


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