Fuse Takes A Closer Look At Some Classic Hip-Hop Videos

Cable network Fuse has a new series, Videos That Rocked the World, that features groundbreaking videos and the people, stories, and drama behind them. The show premiered on Monday and will run until December 7th, and three of the ten videos to be examined are by rap artists. Tonight the video for "Walk This Way" by Run-DMC and Aerosmith will be under the microscope, next Wednesday the spotlight will be on 'Fight the Power" by Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys close out the series with an in-depth look at "Fight For Your Right" next Friday. This sounds like a pretty interesting show. It's almost like a Behind the Music for videos.

Videos That Rocked the World airs at 10 PM EST nightly through December 7th. Check your cable or satellite provider for Fuse availability in your area.

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