Is Erykah Badu’s ‘Honey’ Sweet?


Erykah Badu's new single has leaked and it's sweet like "Honey." OK, OK, that was too easy, but all similes aside, the 9th Wonder-produced song sounds like classic Badu. The track itself sounds a tad unfinished, so this may or may not be the final version, but we're loving it regardless.

Last week when Erykah chopped it up with Talib Kweli on Rap City she mentioned that "Honey" would be the first single from her new album, tentatively titled Kahba, which is scheduled to drop on her birthday, February 26, 2008. Don't you just love someone who gives presents on their own birthday?

Erykah Badu: "Honey"

Check out the "Honey" single cover after the jump.



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  1. The cover is different from her past cd covers but it stills speaks Ms. Badu cause she's still rocking the ANKH ring in the pic!

  2. I'm feeling it...

  3. She's back...I feel this one.

  4. I love Erykah.. but not this song.
    3 minutes in and I was thinking "is this song still on"?

  5. Wow I love this cut it`s Smooth

  6. I love Erykah and can't wait to hear all of her new stuff but I have to admit I'm not feelin this song. It just seems like a throwaway joint. A perfect B-side record. She probably gives it a lot of energy live but as a record its lacking something...

  7. I love Erykah, but I kind of have to admit that I started making phone calls and doing other job-related chores like 30 seconds into the song.

  8. Freaking love it!! I'm sooooo glad to hear ANYTHING new from Badu...The industry NEEDS her right now, can't wait for the album!! Viva la Badu!

  9. and i needed this to jumpstart my day..genius

  10. Erykah Badu has never fell off...This is classic Erykah Badu! Simply put!

  11. I'm a big fans of Erykah but I don't like how sounds this song ... too plastic beat!
    I hope the rest will be more naturally and soulful.
    Keep it Soulful
    DJ Colin Cruz

  12. Anyone who can commit to a genre as Erykay has done here deserves our praise. As she indicated, she is an "artist" and I appreciate her artistry as she has taken the simplicity of honey and its sweetness to love and relationships...its Erykah at her best!

  13. This song is not intended to be structurally sophisticated. Very reminiscent of funk-jazz fusion. This song should make you wanna clap your hands and bounce with the beat. Its a JAM not a GROOVE. And to me it is definately a hit! Its a preview of things to come. Notice at the end how Erykah emulates the vocal style of Chaka Khan.

  14. "Honey" reminds me of the first Badu album! I love it!!! The beat is very soulful and make me want to get on the dancefloor! I love this song and she came out with a JAM! I wish MJB did the same with her first single.

  15. Thanks for dropping your knowledge on the song structure, BraMAn...

  16. For sure. I didn't expect anything but a song similar to this one to herald Erykah's re-entry to the air waves. This is a song you can bump in the car. It has a kick to it. It seems as if some people were expecting a deep cut...Never has been the case with Erykah's first single for an album. The same goes for most artist. Although as opposed to most artist the lyrics are full whimsical metaphors. Brilliant strategy for introducing an album that won't be released until February of 2008.

  17. Yes...feelin it....bring it EB..
    you got that honey
    stop ackin funny
    southern girls bring it
    I am lovin it....
    Cant wait come get us Erykah
    Its some screamin comin out tommorow
    and NoOne wants to here that.....
    we be vibin

  18. I am a huge Badu fan and I've been waiting on something new for sooo Long. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album. I dont think this song is good enough to be the lead-off single for the album. I was expecting something much stronger...

  19. hell yeah she's back i love this song and cant wait for her album!

  20. I am a Big Fan of Badu,but I'm missing "mama's gun" sounds...I hope she can do this again,because I am loosing faith of her.
    Is she still a QUEEN?
    This song is very good but not like a Badu frome past when she was a BIGGER than anybody else.
    post scriptum:Could somebody send my this song ?

  21. It sounds rushed. I miss her No Love days. Little Dragon has a song called NO LOVE that could have easily been a badu track and Kissey Asplund, she and little dragon are picking up were Badu left off, before she went all George Clinton too funkadelic. That stuff bores me to tears.
    Cool name Pio. I knew a Pio once.

  22. Also this sounds like a Joi song given to Badu. Is she saying "Slim"?
    How I hate that. It's not original or anything. Remember, "My eyes are green cos I eats a lot of vegetables" and "Orange moon" and all those poetic lines?

  23. Too bad. Erykah was really going for the grammy with this song. It's kinda like when you're really hungry you don't want crackers and cheese you want a meal. I think this sample single might just be crackers and cheese and the album might just be the meal. Erykah hasn't released anything for a while and we are all pretty hungry so I think we should eat the crakers and cheese and wait patiently for the meal.

  24. BraMAn: you're my brother from another mother, I swear! You take the words right out of my mouth:)
    How does it sound rushed? C'mon people, you know Badu is always evolving. People are so forced fed rianna and ciara and them that when real stuff comes out, they don't know how to act. I like her saying "Slim." It's different. Like Erykah. I love "Mama's Gun" Erykah but I'm excited and anxious to see what "Kabah" Erykah is going to sound like. And uh, Little Dragon and Kissy Asplund?? If it wasn't for Badu, they wouldn't be able to sing what they sing. Badu all day, everyday!!

  25. Pio: How are you a big fan of Badu and asking if she's still a QUEEN? That's a HUGE contradiction.

  26. But Kissy and Little Dragon's style has just a hint of Badu. It has something that Badu is lacking. Badu is going funk.

  27. But Kissy and Little Dragon's style has just a hint of Badu. It has something that Badu is lacking. Badu is going funk.
    And who knows BADU's new "look" might've been "stolen" from Kissey A.
    Badu was never as original as Little Dragon or Kissey. Sweden is doing it right now!

  28. Oh and Ciara and Rihanna is what Badu is becoming from this track. It sounds like anyone can sing it.

  29. People..People. Let's take a look at the music for a second. The content and style warrant analyzing but look at the song itself. No doubt this song is a bona fide funk track. First question, what's wrong with Erykah doing a Funk track? Secondly why is it that so many people hate Funk? Thirdly who called Georgia Pacific and had them make a box explicitly for Erykah? This song reminds me of the random track on Badazium "Afro" I call it an in betweener. It's not intended to do anything but make you bounce a little. That is the entire premise of Funk music, DANCE.And let's remember there is a second single being released before the album drops. I think she incorporated a lot of different stlyes on this album.

  30. And I hear ya Jennifer

  31. The Hip Hop Healer is the name of the second single I believe. She isn't, then, going the way of funk; so she's going the way of hip hop which is basically ciara and 'em and basically blah

  32. Just like how Esthero changed; her sound is nothing like Breath from Another anymore. It's more blah. I am listening to others that have "her style" more so than listening to her directly. Something about that electro-soul, electronic, trip hop, the lyrics, something about was just banging, but now it seems so trite and so just boring. It seems as though once the "main force" behind the sound left, they were left to their own devices and the result these week songs. Lauryn Hill, too, had the same dilemma.

  33. That point well taken She is going the way of Hip Hop. However look for innovation on this album. Ciara and Rhinna are marketing successes not lyrical and vocal powerhouses. Erykah's primary distiction is her ability to Sing and Sing well. Also note the each of her albums are distinctive in their own right. Baduizm is nothing like Mama's Gun (personal favorite) and Mama's Gun is nothing like Worldwide Underground. I think we are about to find out how multifacited Erykah really is. Think when has she done a song with this much FUNK in it?

  34. Oh yea and peep the exclusive song she recorded for the show Girlfriends...Doesn't look like an attempt to commit to a hip-hop sound all together. And the innovative song with Sergio Mendez, "That Heat". Hip-Hop Jazz-Fusion.

  35. This just proves she was really "gangsta" to begin with all along and maybe Baduizm wasn't really "her" at all. I mean I was crazy for Badu back then. I was checking for this joint to renew my love for her because after Mama's Gun I just wasn't feeling any of her music. I still love THINK TWICE, though. But even on "Girlfriends," I was hoping for a taste of that "Didn't Cha Know" type feel, but the first line threw me and I was like: nope she's still on that "Danger" tip.
    "The Heat" is cool, but "Slow Hot Wind" is way better.

  36. This just proves she was really "gangsta" to begin with all along and maybe Baduizm wasn't really "her" at all. I mean I was crazy for Badu back then. I was checking for this joint to renew my love for her because after Mama's Gun I just wasn't feeling any of her music. I still love THINK TWICE, though. But even on "Girlfriends," I was hoping for a taste of that "Didn't Cha Know" type feel, but the first line threw me and I was like: nope she's still on that "Danger" tip.
    "The Heat" is cool, but "Slow Hot Wind" (sung by Sarah Vaughan) is way better, of course.

  37. Exactly what I was eluding to earlier with the Georgia Pacific comment. You know they make some of the best boxes in the world? Besides it's not good for business if Erykah kept making similar sounding albums. Worldwide Underground sampled so much from Mama's Gun it was ridiculous. I enjoy artists who are doing exactly what Erykah is doing. Refusing to be placed in a box and defining themselves by their artistic talent and letting it speak to whatever audience will listen. While at the same time retaining the style that got them to where they are now.

  38. eh...
    i'll admit i was suprised by this 'honey' track. it seemed so tame to me. but that's my fault for assuming that it would have more bump (9th wondra!). anyways, after listening to it a few times i enjoy it's carefree smoothness.

  39. Still love the smoothness and sweetness of "Honey." I know she's gonna have some crazy shyt on the entire album, though. but her first single (for radio) had to be mellow and laid back, not of "Green Eyes" material because people really wouldn't get it...

  40. I'm loven that Honey. Ba u killed it once more ma, and i know that that the new wax is gonna be crazy as always. Thanks again for that beautifull art. Your the Queen of that NeoSoul ma. keepem comen.

  41. Hey girl!!!! wh@t's up I luv this new goint U got goin on, I was gettin some high a..!!! gass when I heard yo new shit and right off the back I knew that it was U... I'm a big fan of yours and I know your voice... I love that shit and who ever don't they know what they can do both are asses......LUV YA

  42. that's why i love badu...worldwide underground was soooo nice...but didn't take well on the general public because they wanted the soul of baduizm or the organic sound of mama's gun...from the sound of honey...i'm liking this new badu...i know the album's gonna be crazy...i'm a stan so i'm along for the ride...however she changes, i'll embrace it...and the new sound...

  43. It's obvious that people who don't understand music will say they are not feeling this song. Music is about changing and we can't expect Erykah to keep putting out A "Mama's Gun" again or another like her first album. I like Erykah because she is forever changing and it's obvious she makes music from her heart and not what everyone wants to hear. To keep getting the same sounds again would be boring, and I think we all can agree that Erykah is not a boring individual. I love EVERYTHING that she does and I know I will be equally pleased with this next release, because it will be new and fresh!

  44. On okayplayer she said something about Songwriting and Poetry different things, but Tom Waits, Fiona Apple, Leonard Cohen, Prince, Joni Mitchell and a whole slew of others would disagree.
    Is she making up excuses for why the lyrical flow on Honey is so weak?
    I am not even expecting another Mama's Gun. Her best work was Other Side of the Game. She was at the top of her game, then. And then each album would have one or two other gems, but it is her voice that I was loving, but now that signature sound she had seems to be fading.
    Hallelujah for iTunes. I will download only the songs I like.

  45. This is true. Her albums have shifted focus from her talented vocals. Yet the music is more diverse.I have to agree with that point, I would love to hear her more. However the music has indeed evolved and is reaching out to listeners in a different way. I really like the fact that Erykah does not get stuck in a rut. She's experimenting successfully. At some point Erykah is going to find her signature sound and become an international music legend. What we have heard from her before has been done and is copied. Remember though..."You won't be namin' no buildings after [her] to go down dilapidated." I don't think she is aiming for fame here just genuinely soulful music.

  46. i think she's already a music legend, whether people want to admit it or not...chick started a revolution...had sistahs getting ankh tattoos and stuff (me being one of them!) i think the vocals are still there, though...i'll have to wait until i hear the entire album to judge its lyrical content...but she said in some interview that honey was one of the only straight-forward jams that was radio-friendly...can you imagine a song like green eyes or i want you on the radio?? lol...people wouldn't get the beauty, structure or multi-dimension of those songs at all...she's already famous...she's just evolving and bringing back some, if you don't like the heat...

  47. I think this song is lush and gorgeous. I love it and I love Erykah Badu. She is one of the few artists who make you think and tap your feet!!!

  48. The song is like fire.. The track is blazing and her voice sets the tone... I'm glad she's back.. If this song is any indication, her cd is going to be a "must have!!

  49. I love this song! The beat is smooth...the music mellow...mixed with Erykah's creamy's all sweet - like honey 🙂 It takes me back, too. When I hear it, it makes me think about my mama and daddy's old record player, "cool cups", afros, "Right On" posters plastered on the walls! LoL. And you know I can't stop dippin', snappin' and swayin'! She sang about honey ya'll and made it funky! Come on now! This isn't Mama's Gun or Baduizm or WU. But I think she tried to give everybody a heads up since she's entitled her new CD "New Amerykah". It seems Mz. Badu will lead us on a new journey that will bring us to new and unchartered musical territory. I don't know about ya'll, but my bags are packed! I'll follow this little phunky fantaztic afroqueen to the mothership and back - no questions asked. Singing..."So tell me "Slim" whatchu wanna do...

  50. Hmm...this sounds like a lackluster buzz cut to me, not a first single. Erykah has been gone for a long time. She gotta come harder than this. BTW...this artwork is the same artwork they were using to promote the Sugarwater Festival Tour featuring Erykah, Jill Scott, and Queen Latifah. "Real Thing" is more fire than this...

  51. anyone who is TRULY A FAN knows this song is HOT! Badu is the real deal and maybe I'm just a groupie, but EVERY SONG she drops is the SH*T!!!

  52. tj you took the words right out of my mouth(you so sweeeeeeeet, suga got a long way to catch ya)...Do U Badu!!!

  53. stop akin' funny ya'll...this is BADU's amERYKAH!!!

  54. OMG I LOVE ms badu...will buy any of her cds w/o a listen...she is always tight...always creative and of the few artists that makes me rewind, get out the cd liner for the words, press repeat just to get a grip on what ms badu just blessed us with....don't trip and don't sleep on ms badu she is LEGEND!!!!

  55. Damn Gul don did it again!!!

  56. This song definetely has "swang" to it. Although it is missing a little something, it's still an awesome single.

  57. im feelin this track

  58. Ms. Badu is Dallas...Dallas is in the center of the country and receives equal influences from across the country.Hard Metal was likely to be played two songs after a rap song in late 80s radio in Dallas, her song reflect that...

  59. You can listen to the New Amerykah album on Im a huge Erykah Badu fan but this album is not all what its hyped up to be.. maybe i shouldnt judge the album on a 30 second sampler..but so far from what I heard i wasnt feeling.. hopefully the 2nd album will be much better

  60. i heard the's not mama's gun but i like this new erykah...she's grown and you can definetly hear it...8 more days!!

  61. My girlfriend and I were in the parking lot heading into the mall when this jam came on. We didn't leave the car until it finished. LOVED IT! Hope the CD is just as "funky

  62. The song I heard that sounds the best (cos everything else sounds just bad... sorry this isn't a combeack) is the song that comes after master teacher, where she keeps saying "I stay woke" and singing about "the congregation" and "putting the baby down to sleep," but other than that the songs sounds like she's trying to hard to be hip hop. It's like she's been wanting this kind of attention from jump. She is from Dallas, so I guess she's gangsta. She got the big booty now and it's like she's trying to be Remy Ma

  63. Wow, Remy Ma?? Really? Remy has nothing on Erykah. I think when people change and reinvent themselves, the fans have a hard time adjusting to the new image and sound. I'm a huge Badu fan and will tell you that NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING will ever be as grand and glorious as "Mama's Gun." That's the gift and curse of doing a classic album. But people need to just let the woman grow.

  64. You call this growing, Jennifer?
    Well I can't complain, I mean I'm not the famous one.
    But the artists up in those unknown places struggling have better s--- than this. And I'm not just talking about musicians, I'm talking about poets, writers, anyone that creates.
    This album doesn't show a person with a creative brain. This album shows a person that likes beats - hip hop beats to be exact.

  65. Yes MGFB, I call it growing and changing...and i really don't want to battle your or anything because you're entitled to your opinion:) but she went from an earthy souli-ish vibe to funk/rock to experimental hazy stuff...and now, she has hip-hop soul thing in full effect...and so what if she likes beats...she's a huge hip-hop fan...nothing wrong with that...i heard a few of the songs that were substantial, especially "telephone" i said, this is no mama's gun but it sounds like it's going to be a gem...i'm a self-admitted stan and realize that no one will cherish this woman's music the same way that i do but you either get badu or you don't...if you're not feeling the change, don't buy the's that simple:)

  66. Hip hop beats and good lyrics - cool, but hip hop beats and weak lyrics -- bad. She might as well be Mase, now.

  67. um, ok, please stop with the comparisons...those are weak...meanwhile, i can't wait for tomorrow!

  68. um, ok, please stop with the comparisons...those are weak...meanwhile, i can't wait for tomorrow!

  69. erykah you are nothing short of amazing i love amerykah i mean you came with it and you really have to listen and have some kind of knowledge to understand your lyrics like you said and your mother and grandmothers worked hard for nothing... to me you cd is powerfull i only wish that i could learn more from you your truely blesses and i just love number 10 if i could get over this hump so many of us have a hump infrount of us and your cd help understand why we have to go through so many things. i just love you erykah!!!!!!!!!!

  70. ERYKAH you're Living goddess - when you sing sings my soul !!!!
    When I look at you, my heart rejoices! *-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!