Mary J. Blige Goes Retro On New Album Cover

5 Responses

  1. Go Mary!! I love the new look.

  2. It's so nice to see her looking age-appropriate. Yes, Vivica, I'm looking at you...
    Go'on, Mary, girl!

  3. I'm nervous too. *whispering in case the Mary stans are watching* I wasn't really feeling the last album last that...hell, the last 2 or 3 for that matter. I need Mary to come back! I know she's evolved and all and I appreciate that, but I miss the joints from back in the day. I'm loving the look though. She is a true chameleon.

  4. yea butta, ive been noticing the old vibe comin back myself..i think this album will be very old soul influenced, call me crazy but i think if shes going in that direction theres a PERFECT song she should remake that would fit in to the overall happy impression that "just fine" has given us and hinted towards the album will be that way too...the song u ask? "sparkle"...yes...i said "sparkle" by Arethur herself...tell me Mary wouldnt sound adorable singing that??? and it would compliment the 70s feel

  5. Keep ya head up Mary you looking good girl. You just have a few haters.