Mary Talks Growth & Pain on Tavis

Mary J. Blige recently sat down with Tavis Smiley to talk about her forthcoming Growing Pains release. Props to Tavis for pointing out that Mary is one of the few that's been able to survive in the game for over 15 years and still be relevant without suffering overexposure or selling out. Mary was real humble in her response, without stooping to the level of defaming other entertainers.

But I'm not.

Mary, through it all, still seems to be the most grounded entertainer we have, despite those fleeting moments of WTF-ness.
Perhaps she just knows how to keep herself in check. The restraint that
keeps her from accepting every endorsement, working with every other
artist, releasing 5-10 songs at once and being a hollow tool for
labels, producers and men is what keeps her fresh, relevant and
real. Make no mistake, whoever comes after her (even if they wear the
shades, rock the hairstyles and do the dances) they will never be able
to get in our collective guts like Mary. The impact that she's had on
music and her audience is something that sticks to the bones like
cooked food.

99% of the chicks that are "hot" right now are like TV dinners. Yeah, I said it. Part 2 follows.


4 Responses

  1. 99% of the chicks that are "hot" right now are like TV dinners.
    You better preach up in hurr!

  2. Here here! I heart Mary majorly. That's why if I ever see Keylolo Cole on the street she gets a major beatdown talmbout she should be where Mary is. She talking crazy. But that's nothing new. I resent the comparison.

  3. lol @ tv dinners. agreed. mary is the truth and i'm so happy she knows it.

  4. Loving Mary's grown woman swagger right now. She is working it out!