Morning Soul: Get With The Program

  • Common is looking forward to a long career. In film! [HHC]
  • To clown or not to clown Amy Winehouse? That is the question. [ID]
  • Rising Down, the new CD from The Roots, is scheduled to hit stores next April. Barring any Def Jam chicanery. [HHNL]
  • Prince Paul breaks it down: "In the essence of music and creativity and the universe at large, it's
    important to be unique and advance the art, you know? Like step up the
    game. Make something nobody's heard before or make somebody feel
    something they've never felt before. But does it apply nowadays? Is it
    important to the mass majority nowadays? Probably not." [OKP]

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  1. Lol, it took me a minute to realize that was Tyra when she first came out and they used to try to give her that 80's Naomi look, lol