Alicia’s Myspace Page Was Hacked! And?

Alicia_Keys_1.jpgMany of you have heard about the nasty, virus-y things going on with Alicia Keys' Myspace page. If not, then you probably just haven't been online. In short, there is (or "was") a video file on there that, when clicked, prompted a download of malicious software. Yeah, we were shocked too! Who'd have thought Myspace wasn't 110% safe?

If at this point you're wondering why SoulBounce didn't immediately latch onto this like some of our semi-orbital familiars, the answer, simply put, is "We don't give a sh!t."

A computer infection is never pleasant, and it's unfortunate anytime someone's blog, social networking page or other online representation of self has been hijacked by a few idle goons who were always teased in grade school for being too bookish and/or lame. But to pursue the angle that Ms. Keys has been more victimized by this than anyone else is utterly beneath us. However, from a purely technical standpoint, it's a fascinating story.


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