Raheem DeVaughn Appreciates The Ladies In New Video

Just last Monday I was wondering why a video for Raheem DeVaughn's "Woman" hadn't dropped yet and BAM! the next day it premiered on BETJ. Let me find out that I have ESP (although the closest I'm coming is probably ESPN on Comcast, quite honestly). The video is finally circulating on the web and it's decent. The clip is filled with Raheem singing to pretty women of various shades and ages set against colorful backdrops. I'm not getting the whole satellite motif and floating speaker boxes (or are those MP3 players?), but maybe someone can explain that to me slowly.


2 Responses

  1. That is my song! Thanks Butta, you have brighten my day.

  2. This song is great & soulful : I love it and raheem reminds me of the late Marvin.
    Msg for Raheem : Go on bro ! And please com to France to visit us : we love ya..