Should We Talk About This Amy Housewine Performance? K, Let’s.


Since surfacing on the web Friday, this Amy Winehouse EMA performance has been hard to watch straight through. You squirm, you fast-forward a few seconds, your eyes bug out, you squirm a little bit more, then shake your head and cut it off before it's 60% done. That is, if you're anything like me and still have trouble reconciling her public inebriation, extra-medicational activities and legal issues with the genius of her music. That being said, it's good to hear she's pulling it together in time to head into the studio with Mark Ronson once again, and perhaps, if there is a God and He's merciful, she'll remember the words to her own songs no matter what she's under the influence of.

Addendum: You probably have a problem if you make Snoop Dogg gasp.


Amy Winehouse Sings Off Key, Slurs Words, Wipes Nose Often During Performance [Jezebel]



2 Responses

  1. Oh my Lawd! This hurt me in so many fronts it's not even funny. I love Amy's music, but this performance was Britney Spears-VMAs performance bad!
    She's the modern day Janis Joplin, and if she don't get her act together, she'll be singing with Janis!

  2. Ooh wee!
    Heroin is a powerful drug!
    And maybe some cocaine and alcohol thrown in there for good measure...