So Who Is Common Dating This Week?

Serena_Common.jpgChicks with blonde weaves and strong legs like Serena.
Common, "The Game"

Just as soon as I wrapped my mind around the news that Common and Kerry Washington were kicking it strong, now word comes that he's cozying up to another star from his "I Want You" video--and, no, it's not Alicia Keys!

Rumor has it that last week at the launch party for Venus Williams' clothing line, the dapper Chicago rapper was getting very close to Serena Williams. Supposedly these two were either arm-in-arm or hand-in-hand all night long, and an unnamed source reportedly confirmed to the New York Post that they are dating.

Personally, I don't know about the validity of this nugget of news. Somebody needs to show me the receipts. But with all this speculation about the ladies Lonnie Lynn is allegedly loving, who'd like to place a bet on who he will be linked to next week?

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8 Responses

  1. Serena looks like she is about to eat Common up, much in the way that Tameka Foster looked as though she was about to gobble up Usher on last month's Essence cover. Serena has that sly look in her eyes...

  2. I like him better with Alicia

  3. I think common and Alicia make a good couple plus I thind him and Ericka Badu makes a great couple

  4. Serena is dadting that "Jackie" guy from that ATL movie.
    step ya info game up!

  5. Forget Alicia, Kerry, Serena, and or Ms. Badu but Common will look good with me anyway!!

  6. What ever common and serena looks good together dont hate on the sisters with junk in the trunk. you go girl!!!!

  7. The ONLY woman for Common is ME!!!! He's so sexy and I'm so fly (I think). So, Common please find me.

  8. Cassandra Lynne girl he is not your man so leave him alone you dont know him like me girl your best bet is to step down before you hit the ground he is not just sexy he hottest brother around Watch your back you to Serena!