SOUL-POLL: What Is The Best Classic Soul Christmas Song?

christmas_classics_sepia.jpgTis the season to have a holiday-themed Soul-Poll!

Now that the Christmas season is in full swing there's no better time than the present to break out your Christmas albums, and in any household that loves soul music there are a few staples that you better have in heavy rotation. I've taken the liberty to narrow down those staples to a few classic cuts by artists such as Nat King Cole, The Temptations, The Jackson 5 and Donny Hathaway for this week's poll. No, "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" is not a choice. Sorry. Maybe next year.

Listen to the quintessential soul sounds of the season and vote on your favorite after the bounce.

Donny Hathaway: "This Christmas"

The Jackson 5: "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

Nat King Cole: "The Christmas Song"

The Temptations: "Silent Night"

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12 Responses

  1. How about James Brown's "Santa Claus go straight to the ghetto?".
    Love it!

  2. This is hard for me! I will do my first tie between the Temptations and Donnie Hathaway. I love both of these songs.

  3. I'm with Sheree... It's a tie between the Temptations and Donnie - I don't know how I will vote.

  4. Donnie all day, every day.

  5. No love for Nat, y'all? So much class, so much warmth and comfort. Probably the best pipes of this whole bunch. I don't think anybody will ever touch that song like that again. That's The Kaing (sic) right there!!
    But I gotta go with Donny for my final vote. My personal leanings are that I generally choose funkiness over poignancy.
    So difficult.
    But thanks for this one, Butta. It was my "happy to be black" boost of the day. You know we need as many of those as we can get!

  6. Nat King Cole gets my vote's not x-mas if i don't hear that song

  7. The Jackson 5 has the BEST Christmas album ever for 2 reasons:
    1. They were kids. Their voices embodied all that childhood Christmas morning joy and other corny, sentimental crap like that.
    2. They were kids that could SING.
    However, the track that stands out for me by them isn't "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", it's "Give Love On Christmas Day". It gives me chills. New Edition's version ain't bad either.
    But, I voted for The Temps.

  8. Tuesday night, I heard the Nat King Cole song at my doctor's office. Tonight I heard Donnie Hathaway in the supermarket. That says it all for me.

  9. This was an easy one. Now if you hadn't had "This Christmas" on here, that would have been blasphemy. Ya'll know better.

  10. So unfair. As a kid Donnie's "This Christmas" was the joint that got me into the Christmas Spirit. But as I have matured Eddie K's sweet voice kills "Silent Night".

  11. I went with Donny Hathaway, because I grew up listening to him, and remember, with sadness, the tragic day he took his own life.
    I like The Temptations' Silent Night, I remember that from my childhood, too, but Donny stands out to me as more superior. It doesn't hurt that he was our Luther before we had a Luther. IMHO...
    Another classic Christmas album that a lot of people seem to have forgotten is, Alexander O'Neal's, My Gift To You. The title song itself is one that I play throughout the year; it is that damn good.