Witchdoctor On Williams Street


Ever since seeing EJ the Witchdoctor, a member of Organized Noize, out of ATL back in '97, I have been wondering "where oh where did this dude go?" His flow was sick and the beats were more than enough to make people take notice. After a couple of more singles, Witchdoctor seemed to vanish back into the ether from which he emerged. 

Well, I am sure happy that I was watching Boondocks the other night when I saw a commercial for Witchdoctor's new album (filmed to resemble a '70s Soul Train episode) entitled Diary of An American Witchdoctor being sold by Williams Street, the production house behind Adult Swim programming on Cartoon Network. This rapper has been one of the most slept on lyricists but for those for who know: take notice. You can order the album here. Cop yours before someone else tells you "I told you so."

For those of y'all who remember his debut (and those whose memory needs to be jogged), the video for his first video "Holiday" is below:

EJ the Witchdoctor [Official] [MySpace]

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