Alicia Keys To Play Lena Horne, ‘No One’ Can Touch Her On Charts

lena_horne_alicia_keys_sepia.jpgOprah Winfrey has confirmed that Alicia Keys is set to play Lena Horne in an upcoming biopic about the legendary entertainer's life. The media mogul chatted about the upcoming project while working the red carpet at the premiere of The Great Debaters. Oprah will produce the Horne bio, and a script has already been written for the movie slated to start filming in '08.

If done right, this Lena Horne role could do for Alicia Keys what playing Dorothy Dandridge did for Halle Berry. Let's just hope that Keys doesn't resort to showing her berries and other assorted goodies on film like the latter.

And in other Alicia news, she continues to ride high on the Billboard Hot 100 with "No One" topping the chart for a fourth week. She also rules the roost on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for a ninth week. Impressive? Yes. Surprising? No.

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  1. This gets the side-eye. I just can't see it. O hasn't convinced me about Barack and I'm not convinced about this. Text me when both she and Alicia have more people.

  2. I love Lena Horne, but Alicia not so much these days. Although Alicia's acting game is improving, I'm not so sure about this one. Maybe O wants to give Kerry Washington a stab at this one.

  3. This piece was quoted over at Rod 2.0 ... good job guys. 😉
    As for Alicia ... I don't know. I wasn't even that sure about Janet doing it and I LOVE Janet to death ... Lena's a tricky role to cast. I think it would be better with a new actress, personally.

  4. This gets the side-eye. I just can't see it. O hasn't convinced me about Barack and I'm not convinced about this. Text me when both she and Alicia have more people.
    So is your issue just with mixed people or what?

  5. Lena Horne was Cape Verdean and they are mixed people. 70% are Afro-Portuguese... they've been mixing since 1460.
    Furthermore, Alicia can act AND sing. I say YES.
    Um, but whassup with the title of this article? "Pass"?? Alicia is NOT "Pinky".

  6. um, i don't know about this one...alicia's acting game isn't all that tight...she needs to make a classic album, then venture into other areas...

  7. cape verdean? where do you people get off? nothing against mixed people, but why do people always want to make famous or beautiful african americans either foreign or mixed? so stupid.
    Lena Horne is very much Black American and came from one of the Black elite (black bourgeoise) upper middle-class families. Her family is long-term, old african american and her family settled in brooklyn after the Civil War.
    Lena Horne was and is a fighter and always spoke up for black people. And her family, The Hornes, had a long history of fighting for freedom - one of her relatives, a slave called Siny, was able to buy her own freedom by being enterprising and entrepreneurial. Her grandmother was an early black feminist and her father was a sportsmen.
    Keep your history, stop trying to steal ours.

  8. I LOVE ALICIA KEYS!! She is hot and is the most talented person in this whole world. She has such an amazing voice. I hope that I can meet her one day. I saw her other two movies and they were AWESOME. I can't wait to see this third one coming out soon!

  9. I don't like people who are racist. Just because Oprah hasn't convinced anybody about Barack Obama that doesn't mean anything about Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys is the most talented in the history of singers and has excellent acting skills also. If you just take one minute to read and research about Alicia Keys than maybe you would appreciate her a little more. She has changed the music world and I will always remember the woman that inspires me to reach my goals and try my hardest and never give up. I LOVE ALICIA KEYS!!! Can't wait to see the new movie!!


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